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Vibe Group Office
collaboration with byanouk

After growing their Antwerp wing, Vibe Group they decided to move the office to the legendary former National Bank in Antwerp. Using two of the three wings of the triangular building, we were asked to design the workflow, atmosphere & functional rooms.

With the building and rooms having a particular typography and shape we decided to use all roomshapes in the most transparant way possible. For the office spaces no rooms blocking the big open office spaces were added. Triangular workwings were designed to serve as call & meeting spots, to add greenery and to serve as resting points.

A formal kitchen in the main gathering and dining and presentation room was designed in a symmetrical order to emphasis the building grandeur. Two small coffeecorners in each office wing were added. The triple functional 'braintrain' was designed as one piece of furniture is added in the hallway that connects the office to the main kitchen. It use serves more private calls, small meetings and lunch spot.

A speak easy meeting room for intimate meetings was hidden in one of the towers.


Light yet warm neutrals were chosen to keep a clear atmosphere, accompanied by strong black wooden accents throughout the design. The workwings and big office cabinets material were chosen to match the old original window frames in an warm caramel wooden colour.

Small hints referring to the logo in materials, shapes and details were incorporated without becoming a gimmick.

Images: Ami photography

Antwerp, BE

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