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Barchel Zuid

Located in plinth of the most elegant bordeaux building of the area, designed by Robbrecht & Daem. The coffee bar & counter are cladded by recuperated sandstones by Rotor DC.

The stone are similar to 't Mas Museum and identical to these of the building facade, embedding the hospitality concept in its locus.

Barchel is a cosy lunch and breakfast spot opening a big sister in the New South area in Antwerp. The space hosts a different visitors. Those in need of a quick on-the-go-coffe, those wanting to spend their lunch in welcoming comfortable lunch booths. 

The sporadic freelancer in need of coffee & a wifi connection, and those looking to have a good lunch break or meeting. The rough concrete elements were both accentuated by adding more raw / cold materials and balanced by soft fabrics and silky textured wood. 

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