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Greenhouse Azalea tablestyling & workshop

Service: Event- & table styling, flower design & workshop

Type: Brand event- & flowerstyling

Event coordination: In collab with O Serieux

Client: Groen Van Bij Ons

Images: Buro Bonito

Location: Floramor, Lochristi BE

With 75% of azaleas worldwide being cultivated near Ghent in Belgium we were asked to shed light on these particularly beautiful creatures in a modern, fresh end festive eventsetting in a local greenhouse. Before indulging, we hosted a workshop in which we asked the invitees to finish the table styling with the use of the azalea flowers. The ikebana inspired floral arrangements were opted in order to get the invitees to truly focus on the beauty of each flower of the plant, on the different shaped and varieties available. 

The florals added the extra dimension and divers colour and light to the high tea table. 

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