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I'm Sophie Peelman. Creative designer, passionate about interiors and atmospheres. With a background in architecture, we focus on interior design and installations, both in the residential, retail & hospitality segment. 

We like big dreamers & brave doers. 

I strongly believe in the magic of co-creating with fellow creatives and clients. It is a cross pollination process which I highly value. 

interior design & consultancy - retail, hospitality

Peelvrouw's goal is to connect the soul of a space with the inhabitant’s personalities and brand values to create a balanced habitat for all to thrive. Eclectic and serene is the design philosophy.

As most of our clients are entrepreneurs, we design inspiring places where they can build up their businesses and relax in their homes.

conceptual brand styling - shopwindow, event, table, custom artwork

Through custom hand made installations & detail orientated styling we translate the brand message into memorable moments.

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photo: Erine Wyckmans

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