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The Flow - scenography for Antwerp Design Week 2024
- collaboration with Frederik Delbart

The installation “The Flow” is part of “The Club”, the central hub of Antwerp Design Week, located in the former reinforced medieval gate of the city - Het Steen -, which now serves as a passage for visitors boarding the cruise ships and the city tourist center.

Inspired by the iconic river ‘t Scheldt, which connects Antwerp with the rest of the world, the scenography was designed around the concept of “Connecting”.

For this unique installation linen is used as the protagonist, another iconic Belgian heritage. The natural fabric becomes “the Flow” as it travels around the room, connecting a curated selection of objects of the 50 participating brands. The multiplicity of layers created by the linen explore the form and function of fabrics, as well as the role it can have as an object or even an ornament. Whilst being a cover, a curtain, a support etc., the linen takes the visitor on a journey through the brands of Antwerp Design Week.

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