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You love your house, but somethings feel off? I will help you figure out what is missing and bring balance in your interior. 

STEP ONE: One-on-one session

Firstly I will examine your plans, photos and input of the spaces you would love to have re-done.

Write me an e-mail about you, your place and your wishes. Next we have a meeting about your place and I will give you insight on how to improve your place and we'll have a discussion how to make it 100% 'you'. 

STEP TWO: Personalised proposition

You like where this is heading! I make a personalised plan to make things happen. I'll give you insight on budgets, define atmospheres and suggest a furniture proposition. 

STEP TREE: You're expecting!

We decide what we're going for and which furniture, textiles, paints, lighting, decoration suits your place best.

Prefered option:  I prefer working with sentimental or existing furniture or objects. All new items, will be ordered for you through my network and I (help you) coordinate your orders.

FINAL STEP: Enjoy your renewed home! Hurray!


STEP ONE: Match meeting!

Firstly, I love to get to know you and your (future) project.

Write me an e-mail to introduce yourself and your project.

We will meet up to discuss what your needs, dreams, potential budgets and wishes are. 

We'll be working together on this wonderful project of yours. Since we might , we' have a connection. 

STEP TWO: Pre-design / Project built up

After our meeting, I'll provide you a price offer for your particular project. This exists of a pre-design, to see if we're on the same page, followed by a personalised offer for the project. Both differ for each project. 

STEP THREE: You said yes! 

The offer was a-okay and we have a meeting to discuss the pre-design(s). I help you define the concept, the atmospheres and visualise what your project could look like.

Loved the pre-design? Let's go deeper into detail! Based on the first designs, I'll refine & define the final plans. I'll provide contractors with needed plans, info, research materials, etc. 

Prefered way of working:

I strongly believe in total concepts. Furniture propositions are prefered to be made. Creative freedom is key, and I'm eager to make or source custom made furniture, objects, paintings to personalise your place further. 

STEP 100000: After this creative practical and multilayered process, you enjoy your renewed place or home!

You will open a brand new retail or hospitality project?

Your current or future home deserves a decent upgrade? 

Let's see if we're a match! 

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