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Villa Verde

Located in the woods, the bungalow villa provides a quite place for a vivid and lively family of five. The interior design simultaniously honors the midcentury spirit and creates a synergy with new, pure materials and furniture. It makes the house an escape from the hectic modern world.

To honour and restore the midcentury spirit of the house, specific choices were made for furniture. Classical modernist pieces like aTulip table, a Hans Wegner lunch set accompanied with highly modernist inspired new designs like a Marina Bautier daybed, Boxy skin carpet & a textile artwork by Nathalie Van Der Massen. 

New wooden floors in combination with old school square tiles & flagstones created a welcome balance between old & new.

Photos: Eefje De Coninck & Senne Van Der Ven, Tom Cole & Sterckx Birgit for Woti

Keerbergen, BE

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