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Vitra Partnerstore Antwerp 

Each year, Vitra Partnerstore Antwerp, invites a new tenant with a passion for interior and Vitra design in particular. In 2021-2022, the VPA team invited me to design & style the apartment corner in the Antwerp store with the use of Kvadrat fabrics, personal lifestyle objects & of course select furniture pieces within Vitra collections only. The purpose of their yearly collaboration is to inspire cliënteel in a personal and different way, providing a new perspective onto their timeless collections.


For this collaboration I focused on a living room & desk focused set up as these seem to be the primal focus points at this stage in my life.

A living room without tv is people and conversation focused, hence the choice of two facing seats, as well as table for big company as hosting and bringing people together is a favourite of mine.

The cold concrete floors, straight lines & industrial materials were countered with soft shaped furniture, carpets and curtains. 

The use of varieties in blue & purple hues brings brightness and makes a perfect transition between the white context & black furniture. 

The piece Shadow work (blue painting) on display was made during the pandemic timeline and represents the introspective deep-dive we collectively went into, facing our fears, dark emotions and eventually coming out in the light, shaping our lives differently post-pandemic.

Images: Sophie Peelman & Erine Wyckmans

Antwerpen, BE

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