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I'm Sophie Peelman,  

a creative designer, passionate about atmospheres & tactility.

With a background in architecture, I started Peelvrouw to empower my clients to thrive in their best possible ways through design, as well as empower myself to find expression through multiple art forms. 


Meandering matters - between art forms & creative expressions

Peelvrouw is the ship I created to meander through this beautiful life.

As I love to describe it: I'd rather take the scenic route in life.

Creativity makes our lives more colourful, joyful and in flow. Both professional & personal paths aren't straightforward, A to Z. Like a river,

it bends, it turns, it runs like a babbling brook and then speeds up into swirling waters. It brings you to wonderful places, lovely opportunities, curiosities, and connects amazing people.


Meandering matters: all these experiences, projects, experiments with different matters and spontaneous collaborations are interconnected and guide us towards the next creative expressions. 

I would love to design your scenic moments in life: Your home, your business, your hospitality project, your client experience, products,

your big life events. 

About Sophie

- Collects four leaf clovers

- "Never tried that before, so I think I should be able to do that" - mentality

- Loves humor

- Ambivert (equally as introverted as extraverted)

- Might have been a mime player in a past life  

- Independent designer cheerleader & jewellery enthousiast

- Never not observing

- Loves creating things by hand and figuring things out.

- Multi passionate 

- Would love to design collections for lifestyle & interior brands

- Would love to do expositions with her artworks  

Curriculum vitae


Interior & architecture 

2021 - current

Peelvrouw ,

Founder & creative & all-arounder

2018 - 2021

Freelance Designer

2015 - 2018

Internships architecture,

Friday Office, ANTE

2013 - 2015

Master’s in Architecture

University of Antwerp




Other creative endeavours 

2022 - current

Artworks (painting, pencil) 

2016 - 2022

Pop-up retail store A Better Blend, Antwerpen,

2013 - 2016

Jewellery designer + pop up store, Sternum,

2000 - 2010

Academy of Visual Arts,

Dendermonde & Temse

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