Hi there! 

I'm Sophie Peelman. Creative designer, passionate about interiors and atmospheres.

All things aesthetic really. My nickname Peelvrouw originates from an inside joke and evolved into a secret manifest to woman up in a man's world. (vrouw = woman)

I strongly believe in the magic of co-creating with fellow (female) creatives and clients.

It is a cross pollination process which I highly value. 



I focus on interior design and installations, both in the residential and retail segment.

Peelvrouw's goal is to connect the soul of a house with the inhabitant’s personalities to create a balanced home for all to thrive. Eclectic but serene is how we describe the design philosophy. Feminine & strong.

As most of our clients are entrepreneurs, we design inspiring places where they can build up their businesses and relax in their homes. We like big dreamers & brave doers.