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Side hustles

A Better Blend is a yearly pop-up shop I co-founded with my partner in crime Anouk Taeymans. The pop-up (the biggest one in Belgium, hell yes!) is a one-stop-shop during December and features the best young Belgian brands. Big #ikkoopbelgisch supporter over here! 

The goal is to inspire people to shop local products, support local brands and offer a unique range of Christmas presents in just one shop.

Since Anouk and I will be focussing on our main projects, this year (2019) we're testing a franchise concept. This fourth (yes baby!) edition will be organised by Marie & Kaat, the girls behind the Mocktailclub and Stephanie, founder of Juno.

We're ready for some hardcore Christmas shopping again, are you?! 

STERNUM was a jewelry line I started during my studies in architecure with a focus on elegant yet fierce statement necklaces.

It's not always easy to find a balance, juggling between all the things I would love to spend time on. I might or might not produce new products anytime soon. 

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